System.Net.Mail on

Personally I think GoDaddy is great for purchasing domain names. Alright, not great because of all the upsells they make you  go through when buying a domain. The price sure beats and NetworkSolutions. But I won’t host on GoDaddy for two reasons. First, I don’t like keeping all my eggs in one basket. Regardless of the fact that there are only 2 eggs. Second, I’ve read many stories of hardships with people trying to get their site to work on GoDaddy.

Now I can add myself to the list. It seems like when you are sending emails with System.Net.Mail, you need to hunt for the name of the mail server. The site was for a side project. My function to send the email kept bombing out with a connection timeout error. GoDaddy tech support said to use and so I did. For a week I did, and could not figure out why it kept failing. I had to do my own research to find out that the real server is Wow! So much for relying on a definitive answer from tech support. Now I’m really never going to host with them.


Remedy – Closer

I don’t want to date myself but I bet many of you remember what was going through your life when this song was around. Me? I was in intermediate school listening to song constantly crushing on a girl. I never got to date her though? 😦