Bing vs. Google

The following post was written last week and has been a draft till now

I’m an avid Google user but never appreciated the quality of their search results till now. Ever since has been release, I’ve been going there to see what all the hype is all about. After all, I like their tv commercials. I find them funny in a warped way. I’m not entirely impressed with the homepage interface but the little rollovers that you have to hunt for is kind of entertaining.

So one day my co-worker and I were talking about game 4 of the NBA finals. We were trying to recall the player that committed the flagrant foul against Gasol during the final seconds of the game. It was the double hammer fist against Gasol’s back as he was dunking. Try as we may, we could not think of his name and it was bugging the hell out of me. As soon as I was able to get in front of a computer, I fired up Bing and typed in “game 4 gasol flagrant foul”. Nothing on the first results page was relevant. There were a bunch of articles about the Lakers acquiring Gasol for a steal. At this point I was too lazy to go to the second page and wanted to see how Google fared. As I expected, Google’s second search result on the first page read “Pietrus’s flagrant foul investigation”. Bingo!

I have no doubt that Bing is superior to Microsoft’s dated search engine but at this point, I’m sticking with Google until I have a reason to switch.

Update: I performed the same search on Bing again today. This time Bing delivered. I guess it just takes a little longer than Google to index pages.


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