What is up with Windows and Flash?

I had a total hard drive failure this weekend which of course sucked because I hadn’t done a real backup in months*. If there was any bright sides to it, it would be that now I get to install Windows 7 RTM. I had RC1 installed before the crash and it really impressed me. Almost everything ran better than I had hoped. A trip to Fry’s, two 320GB hard drives**, and a day later, I was up and running. After a few hours of playing with the system, I was in a sour mood again. Ahhh, well played MS. The old bait and switch. RTM is a TOTAL DOWNGRADE compared to RC1. Why do app install just fine in RC1 but not in RTM? Why can I install my McAfee 8.5i problem free in RC1 but RTM won’t even let me pass the Incompatibility screen? How is it possible I can installed the drivers for my MICROSOFT wireless keyboard on RC1 but the RTM Incompatibilty Troll won’t let me cross the bridge to Wireless Land? Not even if I answer those riddle three? And what is up with Flash movies on a site??? Yes I have a 64-bit system. Yes, I’ve read that the Flash player is not supported on these. But c’mon. REALLY!? I know this is not completely MS’s fault but 64-bit technology has been around for so long***. Why has there not been a fix for this? Someone told me today, that I have to run the 32-bit version of Firefox. Turns out, FF only comes in 32-bit. Even IE8 freezes up on me. All I want to do is play Karoshi Suicide Salaryman. Won’t someone please let me play???

*Luckily, I have TFS on another box and have most of my projects.
**Learned my lesson. It’s all about redundancy.
***Relatively speaking.


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