Big Mac vs. Big Carl

Carl’s Jr. recently introduced a new burger to directly compete with McDonald’s Big Mac. If you’ve seen their new commercials, you saw how Carl’s Jr. bashed the Big Mac because it only has shredded lettuce and too much bread, while the Big Carl has more meat and is at a lower price point. Now if you’re going to bash what I consider to be one of the top burgers of all time* (especially with a commercial like that), you better bring your “A” game.

I gave the new burger a try last night and let me tell you, it was no contest. The Big Carl was more like an over-sized McD’s Quarter Pounder. It was definitely cheaper than a Big Mac and the patties were bigger, but the taste wasn’t there. The burger I got had barely half a lettuce leaf and their sauce was not much more than mayo with some ketchup mixed in. It was bland compared to the unique taste of a Big Mac with their toasted buns, special sauce, and other ingredient that made it such a fast-food icon.

So nice try Carl’s Jr. but you must bow to the incumbent. But I like your spirit and keep your other great burgers coming.

*My other tops are In-N-Out’s Double-Double, Carl’s Jr. Jalapeno Burger, and W&M’s Teriyaki Burger (a small place in Hawaii)


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