The next online auction site

If you’re like me, you know many people that sell items on ebay. Let’s be honest, where would the internet and thousands of home businesses be without it? You may have also heard many complaints about their pricing system. They charge for listing; they charge for uploading images; they charge for selling; and (through Paypal) they charge for transactions.

Most people I know are tired of all the fees and “publicly owned company” mentality and decided to build an online auction site of their own. You can check it out at What’s interesting, and I believe good, is that they conscientiously kept the layout as simple and direct as possible. They explained it as a cross between ebay with the feel of Craigslist. Personally, I think it looks better than Craigslist but I understand where they’re coming from. Almost everything is text with the exception of the site logo and the images of the items up for auction. There are no ads or “latest do-dad” or “most popular widget” screaming for your attention.

What I like best and I think most people will agree, is that it’s free. Free to register, post, sell, and buy. The site also allows you to upload up to 10 high resolution* images for each item. That means you can upload an image directly from your 10.1 megapixel camera. Also, if you’re savvy enough, you can embed youtube videos into the description section.

mondro just launched so there aren’t too many users and items right now. Hopefully, it’ll catch on and become a player in the online auction community. I’m an avid believer in capitalism and market competition is always good news for the consumers/users/public.

*4 MB maximum


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