Entity Framework inheritance modeling

Two great articles on Entity Framework inheritance modeling:

Table Per Type inheritance

Table Per Hierarchy inheritance

The third type of inheritance is Table Per Concrete. For a description of the three, see http://blogs.msdn.com/b/adonet/archive/2007/03/15/inheritance-in-the-entity-framework.aspx


.NET 3.5, Entity Framework, Add Function Import…

Gahhh!…? If your project is built on .NET 3.5 and you try to create an Entity Framework function using the “Add Function Import…” tool for a stored procedure that doesn’t return an EF object (instead return a scalar or nothing), the code for the function is not generated. Basically, all your spocs have to return an equivalent of one of your data objects. It all works fine if I use .NET 4.0 but I don’t think our servers have the framework installed yet. What to do…what to do…